Encourage Congress to craft and enact legislation favorable to the development and implementation of a Green Energy-Powered economy. The Green Energy Revolution will create millions of new, well-paying, recession-proof jobs critical to both the survival and prosperity of all as well as building a more secure and stable economy for those who will come after.

The time is now for all thinking citizens to become Green Energy activists. Let us join together as one voice in support of Green Energy solutions. Our choice is stark: Either we implement at-scale a new sustainable energy regime or continue to allow business-as-usual politics to favor the special interests of big fossil-fuel energy. We the People who Congress has sworn to serve demand that our birthright to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to be legislatively supported thru a democratic de-centralization of the production of energy, and that the new energy regime by necessity must be sustainable Green Energy. The Green Energy Revolution is now. Join with us in working to transform our unsustainable fossil-fuel powered economy into a sustainable, community-centric Green Energy powered way of living.

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