Extinction Resistance Sentinels are the backbone of Project 535. Sentinels monitor and report on all verifiable actions individual members of Congress take regarding energy legislation, be it for or against helping America migrate to a sustainable Green Energy regime.

A Sentinel maintains a blog on one assigned member of Congress and moderates comments submitted by citizens of that Congressional District regarding those legislative actions.

Through the maintenance of their blog, Sentinels shine the light of public opinion on the voting record of their assigned legislator, thereby helping voters understand on which side of the divide a candidate stands on the issue of supporting a Green Energy-powered America.

Sentinels bring both passion and purpose to the Initiative of Project 535. A Sentinels’ steadfast commitment to accurate reporting and communication with concerned citizens is integral to the fulfillment of The Mission of Extinction Resistance. Their efforts will not be easy. The contribution that a Sentinel makes magnifies over time as concerned citizens in ever-increasing numbers use the resource Extinction Resistances’ honest, non-partisan reporting as a metric in deciding who to vote for.

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