You have the power to send Extinction Resistance to Washington. Give us our marching orders and we will hold vigil for one year of the steps of the US Capitol. Watch as we live-stream the outcome of debates in the Halls of Congress on Green Energy legislation. Will our elected officials support the creation of a democratic, de-centralized Green Energy-Powered America, or will Congress persist in putting the lure of campaign contributions from big fossil-fuel energy special interests before the legitimate needs of the constituents they are sworn to represent?

In a recent poll reported on by The Hill, a significant majority of voters (81%) across party affiliations say they would vote for candidates who campaign for the development of Green Energy solutions. With favorable numbers like that you’d think the House and Senate would make it an absolute priority promoting Green Energy if for no other reason than doing so would the probability that they would get re-elected.

Instead, Congress continues to reject Green Energy-Powered America in favor of continued support of big fossil-fuel energy. The reason is that oil and gas firms reward politicians when they vote against Green Energy initiatives, as detailed In a 2020 white paper by Dana Drugmand at “Researchers analyzed campaign contributions based on data from the Center of Responsive Politics, along with Congressional voting records on Green Energy and scored by the League of Conservation Voters. They found that the more anti-Green Energy votes a legislator casts, the more contributions they received in the following election cycle from oil and gas interests. Sadly, and to the detriment of the beleaguered American worker, we have “a system that is extraordinarily dependent on private corporate contributions, donations by big oil and gas companies” playing a big role in stopping Green Energy legislation. Bottom line: It’s all about the money and the power that corporate America wields in The Halls of Congress.

Extinction Resistance stands with the wage-earner, the family living from paycheck to paycheck, the downsized citizen working 2 jobs struggling to make ends meet. A Green Energy-Powered America will create millions of new, high-paying, recession-proof jobs. Join us in helping to make our vision of a more prosperous and economically stable future a reality.

Let Extinction Resistance be your voice in Washington as a counter-balance to the entrenched special interests of Big Fossil-Fuel Energy corporations. Send us to Washington so that we may shine a light on the actions of your elected representatives as they vote on Green Energy legislation.

We the People enjoin Congress to embrace the cause of putting the welfare of their constituents above that of entrenched fossil fuel special interests. The time is now for The Green Energy Revolution to unfold, putting behind us the old-school way of doing business. We hold forth the famous words of John F. Kennedy regarding the promise of an America united in common cause: “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”.

Send Extinction Resistance to Washington. The revolution is upon us.

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