It is inevitable that America will migrate from a fossil fuel-powered economy to a Green Energy-Powered way of living. In ever greater numbers, citizens recognize the wisdom of embracing Green Energy solutions as key to forging a more prosperous and stable economy for all. But as with all change, there is the counter-balance of special interests whose motivation is maintaining the status quo of power, profit and control.

Our choice is stark: Either migrate to Green Energy in a measured and orderly way or, forced by our continued inaction, deal later with the necessity of making the change, possibly under conditions of a National Emergency, when it becomes evident to all including the powers-that-be that we can no longer depend on the finite resource of dwindling fossil fuel reserves to indefinitely meet the energy needs of our Nation.

Waiting until later will then require a more radical effort to bring about a new energy regime, compressed over a shorter period of time and coupled with economic disruption and the threat of loss of employment for millions.

Waiting until later to create a Green Energy-powered economy increases the probability of social unrest, economic collapse and the tragedy of ruined lives.

Waiting for legislative action in support of promoting Green Energy solutions while Congress continues its’ business-as-usual politics in support of Big Fossil-fuel Energy interests is not an action plan. Rather, it is a capitulation to a future driven by lack of opportunity and diminished expectations.

Our elected representatives in Congress are sworn to uphold our birthright as American citizens to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And in this regard, Congress must embrace the absolute need to craft legislation in support of helping to bring about the Green Energy Revolution. Migrating to Green Energy has only upside. Legislative action need not penalize existing economic sectors as a prerequisite to advancing the cause of Green Energy solutions. We The People call upon Congress to craft and pass legislation in support of helping to bring about the collaboration of citizens and corporations, Wall Street and Main Street in the advancement of a new, sustainable energy regime, The Green Energy Revolution.

Extinction Resistance is building-out Project 535. Its’ mandate is to encourage Congress to craft and enact legislation in support of helping to bring to fruition a new energy regime. We accomplish this by creating a database of all verified written and digital content and legislative action of every member of Congress. Congress is composed of The Senate with 100 Senators and The House of Representatives with 435 members of the House of Representatives, a total of 535 legislators. Extinction Resistance will make transparent the voting record of all 535 members of Congress regarding their support or opposition to Green Energy Solutions. Each member will have a dedicated blog administered by a volunteer citizen “Sentinel” who adds verified content. The moderated blog is open for public comment and discussion. There is 1 Sentinel assigned to each member of Congress. Voters pay attention to what their elected representative’s say and do regarding Green Energy, and they will act accordingly.
The initiative of Project 535 will shine a spotlight on the record of Congress. Their constituents will be informed on just what side of the divide their elected representatives occupy either in continued support of the fossil fuel way of powering America or embracing an open-ended future of the Green Energy way of living.

Our time has come. Support the cause!

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